Tuesday, September 09, 2003

September 9th, 2003

Ack, I have not updated for awhile now, no? School started last week, and it's been a firestorm for me. It's weird for me this year compared to last year since im going a full five days a week now, instead of cramming all my classes Tuesday and Thursday. I'll list out my school schedule below so you guys know where im at if you ever want to look for me, though four of my six classes are much like lecture classes. Moving on, I finally got Platnum Edge Master of the Dragon at the Soul Calibur 2 machine at the Aztec Center. w00t! Now if I werent so darn broke, i'd buy Outbreak and rent lots of anime. Oh well, hopefully if I can find out where to sign up to be an usher for Cox Arena and i'll be set. Well, that's about it for now, ja ne!

Fall 2003 SDSU Schedule

Asian Studies 100: 4pm - 6:40pm Monday
Biology 100: 1pm - 1:50pm Monday Wednesday Friday
Biology 100L: 6pm - 8:45pm Tuesday
Bowling Class (ENS 119A): 1pm - 2:40pm Thursday
English 280 (Creative Writing): 4pm - 5:15pm Tuesday Thursday
Political Science 101: 2pm - 2:50pm Monday Wednesday Friday

Short Note: The above banner is broken, since the host site it was at (speedis.org) has recently shut down. Hopefully i'll be able to find another image hosting site somewhere soon.

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