Friday, September 19, 2003

September 19th, 2003

Yikes, it has been to long since I last posted, ne? Right now, im going to a phase of anime withdrawal where im craving anime but cant have it. Damn school. I also have a biology 100 test later today. Damn school. I also have to prep for a biology 100L presentation on enzymes. Damn school. I also have to get my english 280 books by tuesday. Damn school. I also have to find time to read Sun Tzu and Confucius before monday. Damn school. I also have to apply for that gamestop job and find time to work. Damn myself. I also have to prep the anime d20 game, and I have yet to actually get real dice. Damn friends. Oh yeah, and why do I have to be so god damn broke?!? Damn wallet. The only good thing going is that im playing Shattered Galaxies again, a game I picked up a long time ago but quit cuz they forced me to start paying or stop playing. Damn Nexon. My units are coming along though, and they're shaping up pretty well. Guess that is it for now, ja ne!

Mood: Close to death. x_x

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