Monday, May 05, 2003

May 5th, 2003

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I dun know if I spelled that right, but that is the first time I said that today. I've been hibernating in my room, biting my fingernails and stressing over term papers and finals. Finals are next week x_x, and term papers are due either tomarrow or next week! At least I'll be glad once thursday passes...then I won't have to worry over school til late September. I have decided one thing I will never do...I will never, EVER, take another econ class in my life. Ever. I didn't mind Econ 101 since that was easy...but it looks like im going to fail Econ 201. Not good, especially for my GPA. This means I need an A somewhere, and I need one next semester or else im most likely gonna get kicked out from State. XD. Oh how I stress myself so much I might as well have white hair instead of black. Well, I better get back to writing my term papers...I have one to fix up and one to write from the ground up before I call it a night. Wish me luck! Ja!

Mood: Extremely Stressed. @_@

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