Wednesday, May 07, 2003

May 7th, 2003

Tomarrow is the last day of classes! Yay! Next week is finals...damn it. I dont have a RWS final (lucky me) but my two biggest finals is my Econ 201 final (make or break) and my Philosophy 103 final (can sink me to a D if I dont do good). My English 220 final isnt going to be as hard as the other two, but im a lock for at least a passing grade. My history final looks hard, but I have alot of time after my Philosophy final to study. So I should be all good. Besides that, I've gotten back to visiting the Magic Bubble again. Back to the world known as Neverwinter's too bad my characters have been wiped. Oh well. However, I have made two brand new ones...Lantis Miyamoto (A magic swordsman) and Kurumi Kushinada (A high-powered cleric) and I may bring back my lovable Sakura Honda (a ultra-genki monk). I think though im gonna push Kurumi up to level 18 before I even think of starting Sakura up again if I want to bring her back. Anyway, I better get sleeping...I dont wanna fall asleep in class tomarrow. G'Night!

Mood: Stressed Out. x_x

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