Monday, April 21, 2003

April 21st, 2003

Wow, time has really passed! It's already the last leg of the semester at San Diego State...which means Finals is not too far ahead now. It also means I have a term paper I have to worry about, four essays on public performances, another paper, and trying to squeek by my economics 201 class. That doesn't include the stuff I have to worry about for English 220. going to die (yet again.) I'll be glad yet scared when finals come since I'll have white hair by that time, but once finals are done and over with, it'll be a great relief. I'll also now have to relentlessly search out for a job for the summer. My money supply is dwindling quite rapidly (darn anime high!) so i'll have to find work somewhere. Speaking of anime, next time I have time to post, i'll write down every japanese anime that I have seen since my birthday back in November of 2002. Oh yeah, I also have His or Her Circumstances going to try to get #1 w/o the box and #3, but the store I bought #2 from didn't have either. Oh well...and another thing, this may be my last post using my current laptop. I'm going to be switching from my current HP "office-grade" laptop to a Toshiba "gamer-grade" laptop that can handle games alot better then my current laptop. If you have ever seen me in the MOH servers, watch out because im going to be better with a better laptop! Anyway, I better wrap up...I have a paper and a test tomarrow, and I have not written the paper nor studied for the test yet. Time to say goodbye! Ja!!

Mood: So Worried he is getting white hair.

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