Wednesday, April 16, 2003

April 16th, 2003

Right now, if I had time I think I can actually sit down and write a story. Alas...I dont. Which means the possibility of lifting my very long writers block where the ideas flow right into my noggin will not become a reality, unfortunately. Besides, im still on my Anime high that has been going since November of last year. I've seen so many animes, I must have tripled the amount of anime I have seen my whole life during this about of time. It's all thanks to being eighteen and going to a video store that carries two selves full of anime videos and DVDs. Unfortunately, I havent gotten around to fixing my Neverwinter Nights game ever since it crashes whenever I start up the game. That means I havent been to the Magic Bubble as of late, but that's quite alright...I'm surviving on a GBA game called Pokemon Ruby. Anyway, that's all spare time anyway, compared to cramming and worrying like a nut-case about school. I need to go to four public readings/lectures before the end of the semester for my RWS class, and I basically only have about three weeks to do it. Easy right? Not lazy ol' me....oh well, at least I might go see Jin da MC tomarrow at state. I'm sure it's gonna be hot. Well, time for me to head back to reality (and maybe some sleep.)

Mood: Worried. Uber-worried.

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