Monday, April 14, 2003

April 14th, 2003

Im seriously gonna die. Seriously. Not only do I have to go to four lectures/performances and write about them, but I have two papers due tomarrow that arent even remotely done. So yeah, im gonna die. Unlike my story writing ability, when it comes to writing papers and such...well, lets just say it doesnt look pretty. Most likely i'll be sleeping though my classes again tomarrow *sigh*, something I dont want to do with only eight more class days left before the eneviable death of finals. May I repeat that im going to die? If I do, it was a pleasure to know you all. Well, time to get cracking on those papers with my brain fried yet again on writing essay papers. I guess all I can say is what my Magic Bubble character (My lvl 20 Cleric/Fighter/Sorcerer Saki Honda) would say..."I'll do my best." I just hope my best is good enough to get me by this semester...

Mood: Frustrated X_X

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