Friday, November 22, 2013

Nendoroid Yukarin!

It's been awhile since I have posted on my blog, so lets change that, ya? First off - regarding photos from Anime Expo, San Diego Comic-Con, BlizzCon, and Pacific Media Expo - they're coming. Eventually. I swear I'm gonna get those photos up before the end of the year at least.

BTW, I have photos of all the Nendoroids I bought over the past few months at cons and online. The list is Kirito, Miho Nishizumi, Hayate Yagami, Snow Miku 2013, Miku Yukata ver., Madoka Maiko ver., Len & Rin Append ver., and Deep Sea Girl Miku & Madoka expansion set 1. You can find them on the reddit post I put up.

Now, on to the cutie above - it's none other then Yukari Tamura! Yukarin is actually a real person - thus making this Nendoroid of her one of the more rare Nendoroids as the only other people who have had Nendoroids made of them so far is Kamui Kobayashi, Joy Max, Linkin Park, Nana Mizuki (who I have ordered as well!), and T.M. Revolution. Next to her box is Nanoha Takamachi - one of the many anime characters she has voiced over the years and is one of my all-time favorite anime characters. She has also voiced Talim of Soul Calibur - my favorite game character of all time (she's the lovely girl on the left on the background of this blog.)

 Posing Nanoha with Yukarin, and of course having them cosplay as each other!

Actually like how the picture below came out. For some reason I only remembered after those first two photos that I have a bounce flash for my camera.

Have to say, Yukarin dressed as Nanoha is a pretty cool look for her - wonder if she's cosplayed her in real life?

 Besides showing off Yukarin's backside, I actually took this photo to point out a bad design flaw.

See where the stand connector is where it connects to her back? It's too low and the tail on the dress is nudging the connector - which could cause damage later on. It's something to lookout for in the future...
Decided to pull out my BlizzCon swag bag and display the figures I got in the bag from BlizzCon this year. Kerrigan, Diablo, and Arthas are actually in the same figure design series as the special edition Sylvanas I bought at SDCC.

BTW, I have to admit, the picture below is just great. Yukarin + Frostmourne = WIN.

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