Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Updates, Mages, and Dungeons!

Miku: Hey hey! A package just came in the mail! 
Few things for this post:

1) PMX Photos are coming! I swear I will get them done before the end of the year, or die trying! (Also, I'm headed to ALA and the last thing I want is to still have to finish editing PMX when I head to LA.)
2) PMX Videos are pending! They're currently in the queue to do on my YouTube channel (I don't like posting more then one video per day), especially since nearly all the dance videos from the Balboa Park meetups have been published.
3) I will get to my editing backlog eventually. The Con Artist gathering photos from the past few months are on the bottom of the queue, but I will (eventually) get to them and get them up on Facebook.

Now, if you are interested in what is in the package that Miku is looking at above, hit the jump and find out!

Fate: Wait Miku! Let me inspect this package first! It could be a trap...

Miku: Looks like this package is okay! They even gave us a card!
 Today was a fun day. First off, I uploaded the last video that wasn't up from the November Balboa Park Dance meetup, which you can see here:

【BISCUITs+M2T】J-Pop Master Mix【踊ってみた】

I'm pretty proud of the editing job I did on that video. There is still more I can learn and get much better as a video photographer and editor, but I feel I'm getting better with each video.
Fate: Oh, it's you...

Now, on to what this package is! It's a shipment straight from Japan - courtesy of amiami - and usually when it's a shipment from Japan for me, it's usually a Nendoroid.

So who could possibly be in the package this time around...?
Nanoha: It's pretty stuffy in here, mind letting me out of here...?
It's Nanoha!

For those who have visited my blog in the distant past, Nanoha actually used to be on the banner of the blog (back when I used to call this blog "aNiMeGaMeR's blog" - real original, eh?). She's also voiced by my all-time favorite Japanese voice actress, Yukari Tamura (Nanoha Takamachi, Talim, Tenten, Rika Furude, Mei Sunohara).

Actually, I was quite surprised by how articulate you can get with Nanoha. Her arms and legs are actually jointed, something I would expect from Good Smile Company Figma line - not their Nendoroid line. As a result, she has a far wider range of poses then any of the other Nendoroids I have. I have a feeling she's going to be a real fun one to take pictures of in the future.

Nanoha: Now that I'm out of the box, lets see if I can sneak a glomp...

Fate: Don't even think about it, Nanoha.

Miku: I think I'm twice the size of the figures in this box... does this mean I can be a raid boss?  f^_^;)

Oh by the way, that wasn't the only package to come in today. Another package came in from Florida - courtesy of the folks at CoolStuffInc. Picked up three games - the card game Gloom, the board game The Red Dragon Inn, and the big one I wanted, the anime-inspired Super Dungeon Explore.

I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of fun gluing (and maybe painting) the anime-inspired miniatures in Super Dungeon Explore. Need to get some model glue and some paint tomorrow. If you want to see the figures in completed form (and painted by a pro), check out this YouTube video.

So yea, today was a good day. The only bad things to happen was that it rained for most of the day, and that the power to my house (and the neighborhood) went out twice for short periods of time.

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