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Unoffical BlizzCon 2010 Events

I made this list a few days ago over on the forums, but due to forum javacode errors (I can't have the post go past 5 lines of text before it just wont let me upload my edits anymore) - it made editing the post consistently particularly hard. So I decided to just move the list here until a forum mod can figure out what's wrong with my account, or until BlizzCon arrives.

Anyway, the list is after the jump!

(LAST UPDATED - October 21st, 2010 - 8:30am )
While this is more for myself, I want to get a list here of the events being run by BlizzCon attendees so that while you guys are in costume (or not), you can find something going on and chill out with fellow Blizz nerds. :P
If you know of any events or have more info on a listed event not provided already, please drop a reply below. I'll update as much as I can from now until October 21st.
EDIT (Oct21) - There will be no more updates past this current update. See you all at BlizzCon!
All times are LOCAL (Pacific Standard Time).
The BlizzCon offical schedule can be found here.  
The BlizzChat schedule can be found here.  
The BlizzCon floor map can be found here.

  • "Pocket Wants Denny's" Get Together - "So last year for Blizzcon 2009, Boom and I met some fantastic people early Thursday morning for some pre-Blizzcon eats. This year I want to fill a Denny's with Blizzard gaming peeps. I want to talk pre-Blizzcon buzz, meet some more gnomes and other Blizzard players, have fun, and EAT DENNY'S!"
    • Location - Denny's - 2080 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA‎
    • Time: 10am - Noon (maybe as early as 4am?)
  • Pirates Dinner - A large group of BlizzCon attendees, led by Bulreporting (Ysera-US), Lucifurian, and Santista - will be raiding the Pirates Dinner Adventure. YARRRRR!
    • Location: Pirates Dinner Adventure (7600 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, California 90620)
    • Time: 7pm - End of Show
  • Medieval Times Dinner - A BlizzCon tradition with many attendees, the Medieval Times staff welcome Blizzcon attendees to attend their show the night before BlizzCon. Most attendees are seated with the Red Knight (Horde) or Blue Knight (Alliance) with non-attendees filling in the rest of the seats. 
    • Location: Medieval Times (7662 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, California 90620)
    • Time: 5:30pm - 11pm

  • BlizzCon Group Photoshoot - A group photoshoot of as many cosplayers in costume that can be found. A BlizzCon non-offical event tradition. Usually held 1-3 hours before call-up time for the Costume Contest later that night.
    • Location: The Fountain outside the ACC's Arena.
    • Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
  • AIMCON Dinner - "Join us after the first day of the convention for an exciting, fun, and delicious dinner with fellow AIMCONners. It should turn out to be a night of post-Blizzcon debauchery and everyone is invited!" RSVP before attending!
  • StarCraft 2 BlizzCon 2010 Party - A party being hosted by the folks at Team Liquid, this party may have very special guests, including participants in the SC2 Invitational tournament as well as the possible visits from pro-gamers including the ones that may be a part of the SC2, WC3, and WoW Arena tournaments.
    • Location: Doubletree Hotel (The one near BlizzCon)
    • Time: 9pm
  • Raid Warning Meetup - "Raid Warning is crashing this year’s Blizzcon and on Friday October 22nd at 9:00PM we will be hosting a listener meetup and live show."
    • Location: Dave and Busters (The Block at Orange 20 City Blvd. G, Suite 1, Orange, CA 92868)
    • Time: Friday, October 22nd, 2010. 9PM – 1AM
  • Dinner - "It has become a tradition that we set up a dinner at BlizzCon. Seeing as how it gave me good karma in getting tickets, I'm starting the process. Previous years we have had it at the California Pizza Kitchen, which is within walking distance and has been able to accommodate our numbers. Unless anyone has other suggestions, I'd be for having it there again."
  • BlizzCon Wind-down - A after-party meetup at the bar located on the first floor of the Anaheim Hilton, hosted by Pocketkitx.
    • Location: Anaheim Hilton Bar, First Floor.
    • Time: 10pm - 11:30pm (or until security kicks everyone out.)

  • Morning Breakfast Meet-up at IHOP - "ANYWAY!.....Who's going? I will be wearing a black horde sweatshirt with my white dead space rorschach T-shirt, and I will put something at the table / tables that says *Blizzcon Breakfast meet up!*"
    • Location - IHOP(1840 South Harbor Boulevard, Right up the street from the convention center)
    • Time - 8:30am 
  • BlizzCon 5k Run Anybody feeling up to the challenge of running a 5k race before the doors open for the second day of BlizzCon? Well join us as we participate in the Chapman University Toyota of Orange 5k Run/Walk! All are welcome! It should be a great run on a fast, flat course for people interested in setting a new PR! You must Register to run in this event!
    • Location: Chapman University (Schmid Gate One University Drive, Corner of Glassell and University Drive Orange, CA)
    • Time: 7:30am - 9pm
  • Hilton After-party (Link 2)- The defacto BlizzCon afterparty, located at the pool area of the Anaheim Hilton. Open bar and drinks are free (they are "donated" by the Hilton After-party council and any other kind souls willing to provide alcohol.). Certain Blizzard employees appear from time to time, like Chris Metzen. There is some spillover to the bar on the first floor (rumor had it that Blizzard employees were given free drinks all night by the bar, and they were put on Blizzard's tab.)
    • Location: Anaheim Hilton Pool area, Fifth Floor
    • Time: 9pm - security kicks everyone out.
  • The Raid movie screening - A free movie screening of the WoW related movie documentary "The Raid". You must acquire tickets in order to attend this event, and there is free refreshments before the screening and supposedly a after-party. Ticketed Event!
    • Location: House of Blues
    • Time: Open 9pm, Screening at 10pm

  • Disneyland Raid - A raid of Disneyland by BlizzCon attendees not getting on flights going home on Sunday. There are additional events being hosted by this group, and more info can be found in the link above for those events.
    • Location: Disneyland
    • Time: All day Sunday.
  • Magic Mountain Raid - A fairly last second pick up raid of Magic Mountain being led by Palladega (Anjol-Nerub-A). If you love roller coasters, this is the event to be for the day after BlizzCon.
    • Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain
    • Time: All day Sunday. (Meeting up in front of the gates @ 10am.)

(LAST UPDATED - October 21st, 2010 - 8:30am )


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