Monday, September 20, 2010

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So yea, we're already past the mid-point of Saimoe 2010 and I haven't had a update post about it yet. I'll probably wait til round 3 - though there hasn't been much surprises out of this year's Saimoe as of yet. The only surprise so far is the early elimination of Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku, and that's not really much of a surprise because eventually everyone knew she was going to be eliminated at some point. Besides, the next round has the good matches like Shana v Nanoha II, and Yuno v Nadeko v Nagi matchups.

The big thing I want to get doing though is some more anime blogging, and less life-blogging like I previously used to do before. I won't completely eliminate doing some personal life blogging, since I do have interesting stuff happen around me sometimes, but I rather talk more about anime and games then I do about my own personal life that is more boring then Sae Nakata's story arc in Amagami SS. To do that, I'm planning on doing more review type posts and episode by episode analysis starting next anime season as well as checking out more games and doing more game reviews. I did plan in the past to do that in a separate blog, but I feel that'd be a little bit much for me so to roll review posts, real life posts, event posts, reaction posts, or just posting about whatever is more in line in what I should focus on then making 15 blogs about each type of post I want to make. Besides, it'll help to get me writing about stuff then just tossing random comments on the MegaTokyo board everyday.

And besides, more anime and gamer posts can't hurt, right?

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