Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's the Day before the day before BlizzCon

It's the day before the day before BlizzCon - and things are coming around nicely. I still need to maybe pickup a monopod/tripod for my Sony a220 DSLR for those in-convention dark shots with costumes that light up. I still need a new Nintendo DS AC charger (and get my DS charged, lol). And I need to turn in my work uniform today and my work badge back to my work since the Padres season is over - and they wanted me initially to turn it in over the weekend.

Tickets to Events (Pirates, BlizzCon, cheapo motel for thursday night, Hilton for Fri/Sat night, Medieval) - check!
Booze - Super check! (Actually, we may have too much booze - most of our extra may end up at the afterparty, lol.)
Affairs in Order - Being worked on.

Man, I'm getting giddy already.

For those people going to BlizzCon, I hope to meet you all there. I'll probably be one of the more recognizable dudes since I'll be wearing that tan fisherman's hat that you see my drunk Tonberry wearing. If you're a cosplayer, more likely then not, I'll find you. :P

I'll try to post on my blog during the nights - but that's like asking to beat a Korean at a StarCraft 2 game.

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