Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Day Before BlizzCon 2010


Okay, really, there's not that much pressure on me to pack. It's more like I don't think I have everything I need and still need to head out to the store to pick those up. Apparently my headset hates me and decided to die. I'm still in the air on the monopod/tripod (im probably not gonna bring one). Aside from that, I'm getting hyped. Anyway, I *might* update this post tonight once I get back from Pirates.

By the way, I'll be printing out the Unoffical BlizzCon Gatherings list just because I feel like carrying a copy around. So if you somehow manage to find me while I'm out there - I'll let you check the list in case you need to see it. 

Alright, anything else and updates will be post-jump - which you shouldn't see right now because there isn't one. 

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