Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ah, Block D is now in the wraps, and we are now offically half way though the exhausting first round of SaiMoe 2008. With that in mind...

Block A = 8 out of 12
Block B = 9 out of 12
Block C = 9 out of 12
Block D = 9 out of 12
Total = 35 out of 48 (.729 avg)

Essentially, I'm pretty much right three out of four matchups so far. I have had three perfects so far, and no total misses. I've had a good number of one for threes though. I'll probably go back and look at the brackets again and do a number check of how many two out of threes I got, because I have a lot of those.

Anyway, to most people the first round of SaiMoe is boring. I personally think it's fun ~ it's like a anime version of the NCAA Basketball tournament. Except, instead of 65 teams, there are 298 anime girls. It's fun to make these brackets and make predictions, and I'm doing good so far. I thought about making a long-term full guess bracket, but it's way too hard to do that.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed SaiMoe as much as I have. It sure is fun to just watch.

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