Monday, April 18, 2005

April 18th, 2005

That's it. I've had it with my major. At the end of this semester, I'm so out of this major. I don't care what anyone says, I don't even care what my parents will say. This major has been building pressure on me for the past year, and now it's really come to a head with two major projects back-to-back. Lets not even get to the third and final killer project and the fourth project that'll come in the same time for the other class. I've been banging my head on the wall long enough to get the picture that Computer Science is not for me. If I can't even handle this much pressure and not get the concepts of the CS major to this point, what makes me think I'll be able to handle it later on? Or even when I graduate and get a job (where it'll just get worse)?

Some dreams are reachable, and some should stay where they should be... dreams.

Anyway, because of this major, any time to have a social life, fun, sleep, write my stories (or do any other hobby) and have a worry-free conscience is practically non-existant. I eat, sleep, and breathe Computer Science right now and I've had it with this major.

So, I'll be moving to a major that doesnt have any math past algerba (so pre-cal up) and won't throw me into a big pressure cooker.

Anyway, looks like I'll be volenteering for the Comic-Con this year again as part of security for the masquerade (free 4-day pass! yosh!) ... even though on those same days I'm supposed to be working across the street at the ballpark. Whoops. I'll just try to get out of work those four days though I highly doubt my bosses will be anywhere happy. Oh well, let's hope people don't cry when they can't find parking for the game since it's taken up by the convention. =/

Okay, i'm done going into worry-wort mode. I'm not going to do the project due tonight. My brain is fried trying to figure out how to do it. Instead, i'll be spending my energy on the project due tomarrow night. At least that one is a little more feasable for me to actually finish. Maybe.

Note: I'll get to updating the left bar as soon as I can get to it. I have a account on a external RO server + changes to the watching anime section since AIR and My-HiME are over. That is, of course, whenever I have time to get to it.


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