Tuesday, November 02, 2004

November 2nd, 2004

Heh, the closing hours of one of the most important elections in recent history and it's a blow out. What a let down. What is up with these let downs this year? First Panthers suck @$$ when they face the Patriots, then the Lakers got destroyed by the Pistons, and then the Red Sox annihilated both the Yankees and Cards in eight straight games. Now we have yet another let down in what is *supposed* to be exciting. Bush is going to end up winning by a land slide (Ohio is pretty much red now, and since Kerry didn't get neither Florida or Ohio, it's over.) So this year has been all hype and no excitement. Pretty lame, pretty much.

Well, on other notes, since the next two weeks of my life will be utter hell with junk to do and real life calling... Dual Gender chapter thirteen will be delayed yet more. I've been planning to do an additional add-in on chapter twelve as well, though I may not. We'll see... In any case, not only do I have an midterm next week and a very onminus Writing Proficentcy Examination looming, my birthday is tomarrow (yay me) and I get to spend it at buffet at a casino and then writing my prelab for thursday's Chem 201 lab. Whee.

That's about it for now. I'm working on those new mood emote pics but it's taking me time to get them ready. (Let alone scanned). I guess it'll be awhile yet before those get up.

Mood: Disappointed (sry, I don't have a pic for this mood.)

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