Thursday, October 07, 2004

October 7th, 2004

Wow, September just blew by like nothing. I guess that tells me how busy I was during that month. I mean, starting school late and then having three midterms on the same week as my final two days of work at PETCO Park. Geez, I need a breather. Like, a week-off breather. Unfortunately, that isn't until November and that is a long long way from now in school-work terms. Anyway, I will FINISH Dual Gender even if it means I have to roll over and die the next day after writing it. Unfortunately, that time to "finish" Dual Gender is anywhere from today to next month. So anyone still waiting for the ending of this story (very few if any) will still have to be patient with me. Gomen. By the way, i've been drawing some pretty neat doodles as of late in my school notebooks and soon I may replace my mood faces (Keitaro, Dejima, and crew) with my own drawings. Yes! I shall highly annoy all you people with my crappy drawings! Of course, I still have to draw and scan the faces, but these faces shall haunt your dreams! MUAHAHAHAHAH-- *coughcough*. In any case, I'll have the new faces up before I make my next blog post.

Oh yeah, you guys wanna know what is up in my life right now, eh? Right now, it's filled with absolute... well, I can't say nothingness because there is something. Yes, it is filled with absolute somethingness! My last week of work was all too interesting, though it is kinda disgusting that we're saving the cakes on the desert carts for next season. Sportservice is a company full of cheapskates. Those exam scores? Absolute crappy except for the hardest test of them all. I bombed my CS108 test and did barely mediocure in Asian 101, but my Chem 201 test came out with a 70/100. Yes, it is a C, but keep in mind the class average is 70.26. I say I surprised myself on that test. On the last tidbit of news in my life, I finally saw Fairenheit 9/11 with my friend Joanna. That movie rocked, and makes me wish even more that we could boot Bush out of office and put a donkey as president. Yes, a donkey could do a better job as president then Bush ever could. I mean, he's the one that is sending one of my best buds out to Iraq to kill people and see flesh fly off of freshly killed corpses. Yes Michael Moore, I shall vote Kerry because I'm in the bandwagon that hates Bush way too much.

Mood: Tired (too tired to do the IMG link for the picture.)

Note: Sorry, the flooblebox is down again. I'm not gonna bother to fix it unless people e-mail me to fix it. (Or my friends pester me about it.)

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