Tuesday, July 06, 2004

July 6th, 2004

Yay, it's almost 2am in the morning and i'm posting on my blog. I'm rushing myself to get the next chapter of Dual Gender done and posted at fictionpress.com. I've been busy as of late since I had to work the July 4th weekend at PETCO Park. Those guys better give me my damn $40 too. At least tomarrow (or rather, today) I have the day off to rest my legs and stuff. Warped Tour is coming to town as well, but i'm skipping this year. My legs are tired enough from standing for any longer then fifteen minutes, why subject myself to not only standing but getting mashed into a pile of goop and smelling like fifty people trampled over me at Warped Tour?

Anyway, I'm bummed out that I couldn't go to the Del Mar Fair (or the San Diego Fair, bleh) this year and try out the new food. However, i'm amped for the San Diego International Comic-Con that is coming up soon. With all the money I have earned so far working Padres games, I'll have plenty to waste at Comic-con this year. Most likely i'm going to volenteer all four days again like I did last year, though the thought of wasting $65 for the four-day pass has entered my mind.

I haven't even gotten to my usual anime and game fanfare, eh? Plenty of anime coming out soon that I plan to rent (or download) and i'm addicted to a game called Front Mission 4. It's a tactic's game that as my friend Mario (AKA Kidg0ld) put it, "the child of Armored Core 3 and Final Fantasy Tactics." The very scary thought that has entered my mind though is myself buying an X-Box. Why scary? Why not scary? I dunno, it's whatever you perceive Bill Gates as.

Anyway, I need to sleep, so I'll be ending this rant right about...



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