Friday, July 30, 2004

July 30th, 2004

Busy busy busy! Just finished up this year's Comic Con last weekend, busy at work with the Padres in town the entire week, then leaving early on monday to Vancover, Canada for my cousin's wedding. So you can imagine that I have fifty million things to do and none of the time to do them. Anyway, while I still have time to post this blog, I'll get the link to my 2004 Comic-Con photo gallery up right now (should be in the left bar on the screen) for everyone to enjoy. One last note, for anyone reading my blog and my story "Dual Gender", I'm not going to be able to post one more chapter before I head up. I'll try to post one up when i'm up there but cross your fingers.

Well, until about August 10th or so, ja ne!


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