Sunday, January 25, 2004

January 25th, 2004

I just noticed something. Yep, I just noticed this little web comic about a otaku and a gamer. It's a little scary for me. Why? Because im 2/3rd's Piro and 1/3rd Largo. Yes, I just realized that I totally have no life what-so-ever.

In other news, my parents run a board and care (it's a place where mentally or physically disabled people are taken care of in a home), and we're looking for a new patient to take care of. The new one is giving me the heebee-jeebees right now, but I was just going out for gas. She wanted to come with me, but I said no way. So I go off to get gas for my brand-new 2004 Toyota Matrix (gomen for not having the pics yet!). I get to the gas station, and as was about to fill up, she was there. Yes, she drove (how she got a license to drive & a car, I do not know.) and followed me to the gas station. Talk about stalkers. Once I got my gas, I was out of there like a lightning bolt. has been quite odd so far. At least later on today I'll leave the house again and go eat with my friends. Well, that's about it. Ja ne.

Mood: Confuzzled. @_@

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