Saturday, January 17, 2004

January 17th, 2004

Alright, many many things have been happening lately. So let me go though them.

The first thing is that my LotN RP character, Saki Honda, is now part of the big storyline going on in the Neverwinter Night server. Wanna be part of it? Go to and check out the website. The actual Neverwinter Nights server is in the Role-Play section as "Legacy of the North." So go check it out.

The second thing my new schedule, of which college has worked itself out. So here's my schedule, if ya need to find me or what not.

Political Science 102 - MWF 10am - 10:50am
Chemistry 200 - MWF 11am - 11:50 & TTh 5pm - 7:40pm
Computer Science 107 - MWF 1pm - 1:50pm
Intermediate Bowling (ENS 117B) - W 2pm - 3:40pm

Finally, the final new thing to happen is that I FINALLY got rid of the red death wagon I've been riding around San Diego around. Yesterday, I became the owner of a brand new White 2004 Toyota Matrix. I'll get some pics of my car (and maybe with me in it) sometime soon if ya wanna see. Anyway, that's all the good stuff that's happened. I'll see ya later!

Mood: Cool 8)

Edit: If you noticed, the banner above is missing again. My pic host decided to make all it's free users pay for external linking. That means I gotta find a new pic host. So yeah, any suggestions just put it up on the tagboard to the left. Once I can get a new host, maybe I can start finding some pics for my moods instead of just saying what it is. =P

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