Monday, November 03, 2003

November 3rd, 2003

"Go shorty, it's your birthday." -50 Cent

Yep, it's my birthday today. Unfortunately, I really didn't celebrate it this year (like I really did last year also.) Anyway, with looming tests, quizzes, and essays due, I really dont have the time to celebrate it this year (at least until this weekend.) The good news is that my good friend Anthony Gillenwater is comin back to town this Thursday (or at least plans to.) So obviously the first place we are gonna hit up is Sycuan Casino and get some $$$ on the Blackjack tables. Also, if you have noticed, there is a tag board on the side now. So leave a message eh? Besides that, that's really it...right now im hoping for more Naruto (I have all 56 episodes now, and waiting for a fansubbed #57 soon.)

Mood: Tired of School -_-

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