Tuesday, July 29, 2003

July 29th, 2003

Ack, it's been to long since I last updated! Comic-Con was a blast (though tiring) and I have some pictures from the con (with me not in them) up in my photo album at yahoo. (Yahoo ID: AnimeGamer) Anyway, i've havent been playing PT as much as I did two weeks ago. Must be the level 33 curse. School life for me is just around the corner anyway, since school starts up after Labor Day. Already im worrying about my tuition for this year (im late with my VA! Ack!), and now I have to plan what classes I need when i register. Thing is, as a Sophmore I get CRAP for classes (we choose last) so most likely no matter what I'll have to end up crashing classes like nothing else. Oh well, I just gotta do my best and see what happens. As for my monetary problem...well, I havent had any luck finding a job and im so close to broke that most likely i'll have to work during my school year (bad for grades) so...oh well. The life of a Otaku is to watch tons of anime and go broke. Double worse for a gamer. Well, guess that'll be it...ja ne!

Mood: Content (again.)

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