Sunday, July 13, 2003

July 13th, 2003

Holy crap. It's been two to three weeks now since I started playing PT, and geez...I have no life now. If im not playing PT with Kyoun or Shun_Ukiya, it's watching my daily anime. Oh well, anyway this past thursday I was at the Warped Tour. Sum41 rocked the house, and Rancid was there as usual with Pennywise, while Andrew W.K. brought the fun and Simple Plan stunk. Im really excited about this week though because it's San Diego International Comic Convention week! This time around, instead of my usual "just go on saturday", im gonna volenteer the whole four days and have a blast enjoying the convention. Best of all, anime, Anime, aNiMe, ANIME!!! Since I was bummed out to not be able to go to AX this year, im just gonna have a ton of fun at the con. Well, that's about it, ja ne!

Note: For those who dont know what "ja ne" means, it just means later. For those who wanna know more about comic-con, check out

Mood: Excited ^_^

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