Sunday, June 22, 2003

June 22nd, 2003

Yet again, another big gap of time between my last post and this one. Not much happened in my life anyway, so usually if I dont post...well, it just says my life is boring and that nothing new has happened; or that im just too lazy to post. =P Anyway, im excited since I currently now have His and Her Circumstances DVD's #2 and #3. I'm working on obtaining #1 (which is some of the best episodes of the series IMO) and i'll also work to get #4 which is coming out tuesday. As of late, i've just been a loser at the .hack boards, boards, and the boards. So if you want to say something about something I posted about, your more then welcome to (though I doubt anyone visits here anyway.) On a seperate and more personal note, I decided to check on a long forgotten ex of mine (okay, my only ex-gf alright) and I found some interesting new things that have happened since Jan. 3rd (when we decided to stop talking to each other entirely). Apparently she has a new bf, which is great for her. I hope she is more happy with him then she was with me, and since it sounds like another internet relationship, I hope it doesnt turn sour like it did when we met up IRL. Second is that she plays counterstrike now. Hmm...if I ever find out her alias in CS, i'll make sure to n00b her with a AWP! BAHAHAHAHA *smacked in the back of the head by invisible object* sorry...that was old vengeful boyfriend side coming out. Anyway, it's great to hear she is doing well...and if she even stumbles onto this lonely place and is reading this right now, I hope you are happy right now and to tell you right now, College will be DEFINATELY difficult on every aspect of life. This goes for all those Seniors that have graduated and are going to college now too. College life is both fun but hard, and you'll be wishing for your old high school days, but dont dismay because as long as you arent lonely as my loser self, you'll be fine.

Enough with my rant now, it's time I get myself mentally prepared for two things. 1) Getting a job, 2) writing a story. I have done neither to the fullest extent and now I need to pour my energy and time into doing these two things. Well, that's it...see you guys later.

*EDIT* I added a new feature to the blog. Check out the banner above and just hum your pointer over it. I've done the same for my new sig for my G4 siggy, which features Mahoro yet again and Talim. Check that out also!

Mood: Lonely but Content.

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