Thursday, January 09, 2003

January 3rd, 2003

About a few hours ago, I spoke to my ex-gf. Basically she wanted me to change something in one of my stories on FFN. Of course, I changed it because I didnt want it removed, but I also went off on her. I didnt yell at her or anything, but I vented out what I felt for the past 7 months after our split, and I finally feel closure. I doubt I'll ever talk to her again, as I basically told her "If you are only going to hurt me, I dont want you to ever talk to me in any form ever again." I feel relieved, but I also feel ashamed at what I did, because im sure it hurt her, and my feelings toward her didnt like it. That's basically it for today...tomarrow is draft, so I'll write how it went tomarrow. Laters!

Mood: Content (yet again.)

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