Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anime Conji 2014

Oh man, I haven't felt this tired after a con in a long while (probably SDCC last year.) Having to work during the seven days before the con was really tiring, and somehow I still had the energy to get through Conji. I didn't post too many twitter statuses as I usually would during a con out of partial guilt to my co-workers at work who had to work during the weekend while I was the only one who had the weekend off. Luckily, everything regarding the family business was pretty quiet during the weekend - only requiring me to leave the con on friday for two hours to deal with a minor issue. It was unfortunate that was the time a lot of good things were happening at the Free! pool party that I saw pics and cell phone footage of later in the day.

The weekend overall was really fun. I didn't expect to chill out with the Crunchyroll Ambassadors as much as I did, or even just have small chats with the Japanese Guest of Honor - USAKO and his friend Masa. If I wasn't excited next weekend for Nico Chokaigi before, I should be now since USAKO is hosting the Nico Cospllection going on at Chokaigi next weekend. It was unfortunate that I didn't run into him on Sunday - he was in his Dracule Mihawk cosplay that I first saw him wear at the last Nico Cospllection.

In terms of photos, I would consider this con to be a lackluster performance as a photographer - I feel that I could've gotten more awesome photos if I had just been more outgoing and non-selective as I was and just let the shutter fly. Most of the photos I do have though are amazing - and I seriously had too much fun using the AX sandlot sets that SPJA brought down for Conji. Seriously, the bed is a dang table - I hope no one at AX believes it is a bed and tries to body jump on it and injure themselves.

And guys, seriously I don't love Nonon as much as my pictures indicate - it just happens that it was super fun to shoot with friends. It's actually something I don't do as often as I should. Also, don't ask me how I didn't manage to get photos of SailorBee or Maridah - or whoever else famous cosplayer there was at Conji. Sometimes photos with people don't happen just cause.

Anyway, there were a ton of memories from this con that were absolutely amazing - and of course photos and videos to edit that I'll be spending time on in editing hell throughout this week.

To all who I met, ran into, saw again, and chilled out with - seriously you all are awesome and I love you all. To those who I won't see in awhile - I'm looking forward to see you again hopefully soon. To those who I will see this upcoming weekend at the 2-year anniversary of the SD Dance Meetups, BE READY! :P

My photos from Anime Conji 2014 can be found here:

Videos from Anime Conji 2014 will be posted below as they are posted:

A small preview of the videos...

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