Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sakura Miku!

This lovely girl just arrived to my house, the very lovely and flowery Sakura Miku!

The above shot was a tad difficult, because she wanted to hop off her cushions quite a bit. Eventually though, she sat around long enough for me to snap this photo off. Anyway, some more thoughts about her after the jump!

My assistants this time around is Mirai - whose car I still have not gotten around to decorating - and Miku (Cheer ver.) as usual who is always present for Nendoroid unboxings and for conventions.

This time around, Sakura Miku is the very first Nendoroid I received directly from Good Smile Company themselves through their fairly new Global store. All of my past Nendoroid purchases to this point have been purchases during a Anime Convention (as is my usual fairly expensive convnetion tradition) or through the AmiAmi store website.

Speaking of AmiAmi, you may have noticed in the picture next to this paragraph, I placed a empty AmiAmi shipping box next to the GSC shipping box - there is quite a size difference! This isn't the only difference, as for some reason - getting the package from USPS was a more involved process this time around. I wonder if that is because the package came from Singapore instead of Japan.

One thing I was not a fan of is how GSC packaged Sakura Miku. While it looks like the box survived the trip overseas fairly okay - there is quite a bit of room within the box for the Sakura Miku box to get damaged mid-trip. I dear hope that when my Snow Miku (White Strawberry Daifuku ver.) comes in - they'll at least throw in packing nuts to prevent the decorative box from rattling around. Especially since this year's Snow Miku comes in a highly decorative box and I would hate for it to get damaged on shipping.

All in all, I'm glad to have Sakura Miku here. The cherry blossoms are still in bloom here in San Diego, so hopefully soon I'll have some photos outside! That is, if I don't get lazy wanting to do it!  ∩( ・ω・)∩

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