Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About Saki in Saimoe...

Saki is still in line to have 6 out of 8 characters in the top 8 but...

To quickly quote myself from the MT forums:
Saki has 6 characters who could end up Top 8 still (which would obviously be a Saimoe record). However, some of the matches don't really favor them anymore and there are no double votes to help them from this point forward. You really have to give it that "Any Given Sunday" attitude to each match.

And these matches are not easy for most of them - Today's match is probably the 2nd easiest to win for the Saki faction, quite honestly.

Kana vs Isumi does not favor Kana. This is practically the test match to the major Nodoka v Nagi match later on.

Momoko has to go against Louise - a perennial threat every year to win and has a bit of that "Suiseisuki" hate-love factor going on.

Koromo draws Amu-chi - and Shugo Chara's recent Season 2 ending is going to give Amu a big boost (she had her best cheer-up monologue of the series in the last episode, IMO) while Koromo was not really featured at the end of Saki.

Lastly, Nodocchi has to face Nagi who just knocked out Saki two days ago. I'm sure more then anything the Hayate faction would love to shift the balance of power to their favor by knocking out Saki's strongest character in the tournament.

The only match where a Saki character is expected to outright win is when KYAPTEN goes off to obliterate poor Eruruu out of the tournament forever after her usefulness of kicking out both Haruhi characters is gone.

This oesn't mean that 6 out of 8 characters will come out of one series is impossible - but the odds of that happening are very slim. I would believe at most 4 end up in the top 8.

Also a quick mention here - Rie Kugimiya still have 4 characters in the tournament (none of them got eliminated last round.) It could be possible that we could see all four go on to the top 8 - and depending on how the match pairings come out when the top 8 face off - we could see a top 4 all KugiRie final four. Which IMO would be a amazing feat were it to actually happen.

And also - Hayate despite losing a number of people last round including one of its strongest in Hinagiku - is still a threat out there that needs to be looked out for.

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