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Well, I was off with a number of picks, going 8 for 12 in block A. The only surprise for me though is A1, with Haruka getting the nod over Utau. I'm still shaking my head on this one, but I guess Utau has just not got enough screen time to beat out Haruka Minami. Then again, I could be underestimating the Minami-ke characters.

Results for Block A can be found here.

Saimoe Block B

[[B01]] 8/22
<<シャーリー・フェネット@コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2>>(Shirley Fenette@Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)
<<ナナリー・ヴィ・ブリタニア@コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2>>(Nunnally Vi Britannia@Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)

Not that I have seen Potemayo... but poor Potemayo. This comes down to Shirley vs. Nunnally. Now, I haven't been watching Code Pizza Hut Geass, but feeling out how 4chan's /a/ is feeling about these two, Nunnally may get the nod. Of course, /a/ isn't the best indicator of how Japan may vote, but it's the best indicator I have other then AnimeSuki's forums and actually trying to read Japanese on 2ch.

[[B02]] 8/23
<<クーパ@ドルアーガの塔 〜the Aegis of URUK〜>>(Coopa@The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of URUK~)
<<雨宮優子@ef - a tale of memories.>>(Amamiya Yuuko@ef - a tale of memories.)
<<志宝エリス@ナイトウィザード The ANIMATION>>(Shihou Elis@Night Wizard the Animation)

To be quite honest, it's hard to predict this group without knowing how popular each series is in Japan. Yuuko is too mysterious and not enough seen to be a factor. Elis is a main heroine, but in a series not quite popular. Coopa is a side character with the typical Ruri Hoshino archtype. I think when it comes down to it, it'll be Coopa moving on in a fairly low vote battle.

[[B03]] 8/24
<<天枷美夏@D.C.II 〜ダ・カーポII〜>>(Amakase Minatsu@D.C.II)
<<佐倉美咲@我が家のお稲荷さま。>>(Sakura Misaki@Wagaya no Oinari-sama.)
<<江戸前留奈@瀬戸の花嫁>>(Edomae Luna@Seto no Hanayome)

Now I haven't seen much of D.C.II (only first two episodes), much of Wagaya (only one ep), nor Seto (again, one ep). That said, throwing my guess up in the air I'm just gonna say Luna and be done with it. This isn't a big matchup at all, and the winner will B1, which means they'll get trounced next round regardless.

[[B04]] 8/25
<<星野あさみ@Myself;Yourself>>(Hoshino Asami@Myself;Yourself)
<<高見盛京@ぽてまよ>>(Takamimori Kyou@Potemayo)

Kyou Takamimori is not going to be a factor in this group. Gintama is not a popular anime in the international community, and I really don't know how popular it is in Japan. However, Kagura is voiced by teh Rie Kugimiya, so who knows how well this character will actually do. Then again, last round taught me that a VA's voice can only get a character so far, and I think out of all of Rie's characters in this year's SaiMoe, the is the one that no one really cares about. That said, Asami (regardless of being a lesbian) is going to get the nod. Asami is actually quite a likable character, sometimes even more so then the main heroine, Nanaka.

[[B05]] 8/22
<<エリス@エル・カザド>>(Ellis@El Cazador de la Bruja)

<<千葉紀梨乃@バンブーブレード>>(Chiba Kirino@Bamboo Blade)

<<うめ先生@ひだまりスケッチ 特別編>>(Ume-sensei@Hidamari Sketch)

I haven't seen much Bamboo Blade either, but that said I think Kirino will win in a fairly wide margin. Ignoring Ume-sensei (really now Japan?), Ellis is a great character but El Cazador broadcasted so long ago that I doubt there are many supporters for her still. The MegaTokyo forums seem to be supporting Kirino also, which probably makes me think she'll win this one.

[[B06]] 8/23
<<小岩井フローラ@ななついろ★ドロップス>>(Koiwai Flora@Nanatsuiro★Drops)
<<成実ゆい@らき☆すた>>(Narumi Yui@Lucky☆Star)

The only character I know in this group is Yui, and Yui is not endearing to viewers much. Flora seems a likely candidate to advance, though the nod has to be given to Yui to possibly sneak in next round.

[[B07]] 8/24
<<宮沢有紀寧@CLANNAD>>(Miyazawa Yukine@Clannad)
<<藤林椋@CLANNAD>>(Fujibayashi Ryou@Clannad)
<<藤吉晴美@さよなら絶望先生>>(Fujiyoshi Harumi@Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

I feel sorry for Harumi... okay, I don't really. I never even heard of Yukine, and I saw all of Clannad. o.O Ryou should advance easily to the next round.

[[B08]] 8/25
<< 栗原渚@スケッチブック 〜full color's〜 >>(Kurihara Nagisa@Sketchbook ~full color's~)
<<高良みゆき@らき☆すた>>(Takara Miyuki@Lucky☆Star)
<<藍華・S・グランチェスタ@ARIA シリーズ>>(Aika S. Granzchesta@ARIA the Origination)

I haven't seen Sketchbook yet (it's in the HD as I type), but Miyuki and Aika are in this group which makes Nagisa a non-factor. I personally like Aika more then Miyuki, but the KyoAni fanboys will be too much for her to handle and I expect Miyuki to advance to the next round. (Though Aika advancing next round would be a nice surprise.)

[[B09]] 8/22
<<菊地真@アイドルマスター シリーズ>>(Kikuchi Makoto@IDOLM@STER)
<<結城美柑@To LOVEる>>(Yuuki Mikan@To Love Ru)
<<八重野撫子@ななついろ★ドロップス>>(Yaeno Nadeshiko@Nanatsuiro★Drops)

I've seen most of Idolm@ster, and it didn't impress me much. I would think the small number of ToLoveru fanboys will be pushing to get Mikan into the next round here. This is not a strong group, and I expect a low vote count here.

[[B10]] 8/23
<<ヒロ@ひだまりスケッチ 特別編>>(Hiro@Hidamari Sketch)

<<檜原静流@もっけ>>(Hibara Shizuru@Mokke)
<<アンリエッタ女王(アンリエッタ・ド・トリステイン)@ゼロの使い魔 〜双月の騎士〜>>(Henrietta de Tristain@Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~)

If this was last year, I would've chosen Henrietta to advance over Hiro. However, Hidamari Sketch has turned into a powerhouse over the past year, and I expect Hiro to actually defeat Henrietta and move on. Especially since Zero no Tsukamia's third season has been unimpressive at best so far, compared to x365 which has been extremely good. Shizuru who?

[[B11]] 8/24
<<春日乃ねね@ぽてまよ>>(Kasugano Nene@Potemayo)
<<ネーナ・トリニティ@機動戦士ガンダム00>>(Nena Trinity@Gundam 00)
<<三宮紫穂@絶対可憐チルドレン>>(Sannomiya Shiho@Zettai Karen Children)

This is one of those tricky groups. I only saw one episode of Zettai Karen Children (and then dropped it), saw two episodes of Gundam 00 (before dropping it), and not seen Potemayo at all. I was flipflopping on Shiho and Nena, and decided on Shiho here just because she seems to be closer to a "moe" character then Nena.

[[B12]] 8/25
<<涼宮ハルヒ@らき☆すた>>(Suzumiya Haruhi@Lucky☆Star)
<<ヴィヴィオ@魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS>>(Vivio@Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
<<吉野@みなみけ シリーズ>>(Yoshino@Minami-ke)

I don't expect any fight from Yoshino, and maybe even from Vivio for that matter. It'll be KyoAni fans versus MSLN fans here, and this is Haruhi's triumphant return to SaiMoe after getting eliminated by fellow castmate (and SOS Brigade member) Yuki "The Battleship" Nagato who got eliminated the next round by eventual champion, Suiseisuki. Haruhi was a major powerhouse then, and I wouldn't think otherwise now. Why else would she HAX LOOPHOLE her way in this year if she didn't have the fanbase to support her?

Well, that's my analysis of Block B. I hope this time around, I do a bit better then last time. KyoAni is well represented in this block with Miyuki, Haruhi, and Ryou. We will probably see a KyoAni character out of this block in the final 8.

Block C in a couple days, along with Block B results. Head over to Kurogane's Anime Blog for all the latest day-to-day results. If you want to vote, go check out the AnimeSuki forum's voting instructions, or here if you are having issues (including IP ban issues).

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