Monday, August 25, 2008

Block B is now over, and here are the results.

Some facts now regarding how i'm doing in SaiMoe this year:

I'm currently 17 of 24, with a average of .708. That's a little over 2/3rds of all matches being correct.

I went 8 for 12 in Block A, including 1 perfect day.
I went 9 for 12 in Block B, including 2 perfect days.

I like to say I'm doing fairly well so far, considering im making predictions by block, and not by per match like some on AnimeSuki are doing. IMO, block predictions are a little harder, since you don't hear much buzz about certain characters until their match-up day comes up. Ah well, this has been a fascinating SaiMoe so far, and there will be more twists and turns as we get toward the end of October when the tournament will end probably just shy of November.

In unrelated news - Ranka Lee's stock has probably just dropped due to the latest episode of Macross Frontier, with Sheryl Nome's and Klan Klan's stocks soaring higher due to BRIGHT SLAP and LOLI PUNCH. We'll see how the ending of Macross Frontier will effect their first round matchups later on in SaiMoe.

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