Friday, December 19, 2003

December 19th, 2003

Finally, school is over for now. Yet, im still fretting over it now. I have absolutely no idea exactly what classes I need to take to advance in my major. Not only that, but from all the prerequisite I have read, things aren't exactly looking up with the fact I have to take some very advanced math qualification test that I know I wont pass the first time, and plus even If I do pass that test, I estimate that I'm already one and a half years behind where I'm supposed to be. *sigh* Things always look bleak in my life. Just when there is a way out of the loop, I just find out that it's just another thing that is part of the loop. Oh well...gotta persevere and keep trudging ahead. Maybe I'll add in a english minor sometime later. Besides that, nothing else is happening with me....I dont even have a job. It's been how many weeks and still no job? *sigh* I must be cursed or something. Yet, all I can do is keep moving down the path fate has left for me. Maybe I'll find some luck in my life sometime down the path. Well, one last thing before I leave is that i'm planning to post my English 280 work on Some of it is pretty good and some of it just stinks. That's all I really have to talk about for now, ja ne.

Mood: Still Slightly Stressed

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