Friday, June 27, 2003

June 27th, 2003

Woke up today with a massive energy hangover. Not only did I come back from the fair yesterday, but I watched Noir #4 til 2am. Oh well, after I drudged myself out of bed, I popped in Little Snow Fairy Sugar #2, and I got my energy back in no time. I've noticed though that ADV and Pioneer have realy gotten good at dubbing anime now. FUNImation has also improved quite greatly, though I hope to never see the English VA photo shoots for any anime EVER again. Anyway, before I sign off early for today, since it's not even noon and it's not likely i'll be coming home tonight; I honestly believe that I saw [i]her[/i] on CS today. Apparently she's in a clan called KYR or something like's not smart to put your actual name though as your game handle. Anyway, why do I believe this? Lets see....the person in question lives in cali, is 17, and her name is my ex's name, and there was a guy with the same name as her bf in the same server on the same side. I say too many concidences for my taste, so I believe it's her. Unfortunately, we were on the same side (though she doesnt know my handle =P) so I couldn't n00b her like a proper ex would. Oh well...I suck at CS anyway right now, and im thinking of going back to MOHAA:S and start whooping peoples @$$e$ on the |OCG| server again. Alrighty, that's it for getting myself hyper by listening to some eurobeat Inital D music right now.

Note to self: Must keep trying to go to AX. MUST GO TO AX. *whaps himself in head multiple times*

Mood: Energetic

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